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tv   Newsline  NHK World  July 26, 2014 8:00am-8:11am JST

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you are watching "newsline." japanese prime minister shinzo abe is making deals to help his country get the energy it needs. he met the mexican president and they agreed to develop reserves the oil and shell gas. abe is visiting mexico at the start of a tour of five countries in latin america. he said increasing mexico's oil production and developing its shale gas are crucial for stabilizing the global energy
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market. abe suggested japan could supply mexico with nuclear power technology. he hopes to speed up negotiations on a deal. he wants to work with mexico to conclude the transpacific free trade deal. >> translator: i want to expand the front tiers of cooperation based on a strategic global partnership. >> the two governments and some private firms signed memorandums of energy, medical care and insurance. health owe fishlz in the gaza strip say more than 800 people have died in israel's current military campaign. anti-israel sentiment is rising. the officials say the death toll has reached 839. they say most of the fatalities were civilians. they say two hospitals were attacks by israeli tanks and
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that a 1-year-old patient was killed. the israeli ministry blames hamas for the deaths. they say the group that controls gaza is launching attacks, from houses, masks and schools. israeli security forced kill aid palestinian during a clash with protesters near ramallah thursday night. authorities sent forces to the old city of jerusalem when thousands gathered. iranians have been showing their anger about the israeli offensive. they took to the streets to show their support for the people of gaza. iranians rallied on the last friday of ramadam. they call it jerusalem day to show their solidarity with the palestinians. in the capital, they marched
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with photos of children killed. some burned israeli flags. iranian foreign minister told nhk the global community should unite in support of the people of gaza. >> unfortunately, the international community has been extremely lax in dealing with this brutal and it has to come to the aid of the people of gaza, stop the aggression and stop the seizure of gaza and end this crime against humanity. >> the president said if all muslims unite, they can beat the intruders. he is taking a softer line toward the west than his predecess predecessor. >> militants in central afghanistan have attacked vehicles and killed some of their passengers. no one claimed responsibility. police suspect the taliban. the afghan intier onofficials say they stopped 32 people out
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killing 14, some of them children. the president condemned the attack and inhumane and unacceptable. he ordered a thorough investigation. security is worsening across afghanistan. many civilians have died in terrorist attacks. most of the forces in the country are sheds cheduled to l by the end of thi. the fringe interior minister says a passenger plane may have gone down in bad weather. satellite images show heavy cloud cover at the time of the incident. flight ah 5017 had 116 people on board. the plane went missing after leaving the capital. it was bound for algiers. a french television says it has
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footage from the crash site. they say it was taken by members of the military. an image from a weather satellite taken two hours before the plane departed shows the area was covered in clouds. >> translator: the plane's pilot tried to change the flight route because of bad weather. >> there were 51 french citizens aboard. the president of france say there appear to be no survivors. a french military unit recovered one of the flight data recorders. the french government is he t will work with officials to determine the cause of the crash. the foreign minister of the netherlands and australia paid their respect to the victimless of the downed malaysian plane. they saw off caskets being sent off from the airport. an earlier flight carried the first group of bodies to the
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netherlands on wednesday. all 298 passengers and crew members were killed. investigators believe some remains are still at the crash site. >> our entire reason for being here is to ensure that we can secure that site, that we can have access to it, that a proper investigation can be carried out and that we can bring people home. that's our focus. >> the two foreign ministers met their ukrainian counterpart in kiev. they agreed on the need for multinational team of police officers at the skiet to ensure the safety of investigators. they signed an agreement stating the netherlands will take charge of all matters relating to the investigation. countries that lost many nationals are eager to see a full investigation start as soon as possible. russia's state-run news agency says a ukrainian air defense unit shot down the airliner by mistake during an exercise. the report quotes a ukrainian
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mill tear require source as saying some officers have been detained and it reiterates the russian government's claim that the ukrainian military was behind the downing of the plane. authorities across the russian far east in siberia are doing battle with forest fires. they say dry weather could spark more. 34 wildfires are raging. they have charred more than 700 square kilometers, over 2,000 firefighters are battling the flames. the local government issued a state of emergency. meteorologists in japan say the smoke reaching the country's northern most island. it's reducing visibility. officials report a ten fold increase in the concentration of an air pollutant. they are advising children and the elderly to stay indoors.
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people in seoul will be able to see an exhibition of a popular japanese manga. a court overturned a museum's decision to cancel it. south korea's war museum will show images and characters from the one piece comics. officials there canceled the exhibition earlier this month, three daze before it was due to open. they said members of the public had complained the comics include images similar to the rising sun flag. some south koreans see that as a symbol of japan's past colonial rule. the company that creates it said the cancellation was wrong and took it to court. judges ruled it does not glorify japanese imperialism. they ordered them to honor the original arrangement. here is a three-day weather forecast for selected cities.
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that wraps up this edition
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of "newsline." thank you for joining us. the low tuesday flower stands for purity in southeast asian countries. beautiful lotuses were in bloom on a pond in angkor wat. >> translator: actually, my younger daughter's name is ren which means lotus. we named her because it is a precious flower in all of asia. this is a good start because i was able to see the letus flowers.


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